Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

  1. All services must be expressly contracted in writing through the website section in which you can request quotes or by email.
  2. The rate for each translation project will be agreed upon individually between ATS and the customer. Standard rates will not apply.
  3. Delivery time will be agreed upon individually between ATS and the customer. ATS is obliged to deliver the documents on time, as set forth in writing, in an email or in the service order.
  4. All information received by ATS from its customers will be strictly confidential, and:
    – It may not be used for purposes different than the translation of the document or internal administrative procedures.
    – It will not be provided to third parties, unless a request is made by a competent authority showing a court order.
    – ATS will follow security procedures to keep the information secure and confidential.
  5. All translations made by ATS shall be the intellectual property of ATS. They may not be used by the contracting party for any purposes before paying ATS the full rate that was agreed in writing, in an email or in the service order. Upon making payment, all rights on the translation will be assigned to the contracting party. The latter will have the ability to use the translation for any purposes it deems convenient.
  6. Relative to sworn translations, ATS ensures that:
    -All will be made by a translator certified by Universidad Nacional de Colombia and duly registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.
    -Sworn translations will be delivered signed, sealed, along with a sworn statement made by the certified translator.
    -ATS will send an electronic version of the translation. However, if needed, ATS will deliver the hard copy of the translation. Conditions for that delivery must be agreed upon in writing, in the service order or in an email.
  7. Format: If the customer has any format specifications for the translation project, he or she must expressly convey them to ATS. Otherwise, the format delivered by ATS must be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to: font, font size, software, number of pages, content distribution.
  8. Upon delivery of the translation project, ATS does not have any obligation to store copies. If the customer needs another copy of the project in the future and ATS has one on file, the company will issue it for free. However, ATS has no obligation to store copies or issue translation projects that already have been delivered.
  9. For all legal purposes, this agreement will be governed solely and exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Colombia.

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