Translation of corporate identity contents

Translation of corporate identity contents

Internationalization appears as a need for today´s firms, which must compete in a globalized environment. Implementing linguistic strategies is the first step towards a successful internationalization process. According to the Linguistic Guide for European Companies, the implementation of linguistic strategies is correlated with several benefits like, for example, an increase of exports, as shown in the chart below:


ATS-Translation of corporate identity contents

Source: ELAN, 2006

We understand corporate identity as the set of central, enduring, and distinctive characteristics of an organization used for self-identification (at the introspective level) and self-differentiation (in relation to other organizations in its environment). Communicating your corporate identity to other audiences is challenging but we can help you to overcome it. We make sure that your messages reach other cultures in the best way possible.
The Cervantes Institute calculates that there are 560 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide. Outreach to that audience will be profitable, and we can help you do it.

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